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How To Type Recurring Symbols on Keyboard

Recurring symbols are signs that are used to represent an action of mathematical objects or their connection, or other symbols in a formula.

There are different ways of typing these characters depending on the operating system you are using. You’ll learn each of these techniques in no time.

This guide will show you how to type math symbols by using keyboard shortcuts and other amazing methods. Let’s get started.

What is a Recurring Symbol?

A recurrent symbol is a symbol or motif that appears repeatedly in a literary work of art or other form of creative expression. It is a visual or thematic element that occurs several times, often carrying significant meaning or representing a particular idea or concept.

Recurring symbols can take various forms, such as objects, images, colors, animals, numbers, or even specific words or phrases. These symbols are often used to emphasize certain themes or ideas, create coherence within the work and engage the audience on a deeper level.

When working with mathematical equations or expressing mathematical concepts, it’s essential to know how to type specific math symbols on your keyboard. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or someone who frequently works with mathematical notation, having the ability to input these symbols accurately is essential.

How to Type Recurring Symbol on Keyboard?

Math symbols can range from basic arithmetic operators like plus (+) and minus (-) to more complex symbols like integrals (∫), Greek letters (α, β, γ), and mathematical notations (≥, ≤, ∞). Depending on your operating system and keyboard layout, there are various methods you can use to type these symbols.

Using Alt Code to Type Math Symbols (Windows)

These symbols should be typed while pressing the Alt key.

Math Symbol DescriptionMath SymbolsMath Alt Codes
Plus Sign+Alt+43
Minus SignAlt+45
Multiplication Sign×Alt+ 0215
Divide by÷Alt + 0247
Percentage Sign%Alt + 37
Per mille (per thousand)Alt + 0137
Plus or Minus±Alt + 241
Exactly IdenticalAlt + 240
Equals=Alt + 61
Approximately equalAlt + 247
Less Than<Alt + 60
Greater Than>Alt + 62
Greater than or equalAlt + 242
Less than or equalAlt + 243
Square RootAlt + 251
Open Bracket(Alt + 40
Close Bracket)Alt + 41
Fraction Slash/Alt + 47
Quarter¼Alt + 0188
Half½Alt + 0189
Three quarters¾Alt + 0190
Decimal Point.Alt + 46
Power nAlt + 252
To the power of 1¹Alt + 0185
Squared²Alt + 0178
cubed³Alt + 0179
PiπAlt + 227
Degree sign°Alt + 248
Note: All these codes work in MS Word only.

Using the alt codes above, you can type any of these Mathematical Signs.

  • Open the document.
  • Turn on the Num Lock key.
  • Enter the mathematical sign’s alt code by pressing the Alt key on your numeric keypad. Math symbols’ alt codes are listed above.

Type Mathematical Symbols on Mac (Shortcut)

Keyboard Viewer is one of the easiest ways to get math symbols on Mac. It is a tool that displays an on-screen keyboard. Which can help to get your desired math symbols and characters.

The Keyboard Viewer can be accessed by following these steps for Mac:

  • Select Apple Icon from the menu bar.
  • Choose System Preference.
  • Select the Keyboard tab.
  • Select Show Keyboard, Emoji, & Symbol Viewers in the menu bar.

To type math symbols by using the Keyboard Viewer:

  • Select the Keyboard Viewer icon.
  • Choose Show Character Viewer.
  • Select the Math Symbols category.
  • Double-click any math symbol you want for your document.

You can obtain math symbols for Mac by following these steps.

Insert Mathematical Symbols in Word

In MS Word Math Symbols can be inserted in two ways in the Alt code method. Insert Symbol Dialog box is the first method and the other method is using the keyboard.

Let’s learn these options.

Using Insert Symbol dialog

  • Open Word document
  • To insert the symbol put the cursor in a desirable place.
  • On the Insert tab, select Symbols > Symbol > More Symbols.
  • Select Mathematical Operators from the “Subset:” when the symbol dialog box appears.
  • Select your desired Math Symbols and insert them into your document.
Math Symbols
  • Close the dialog box.

The Insert Symbol dialog box in Word can be used to insert these symbols.

Using keyboard shortcuts for Word

Microsoft Word has its own shortcuts for each of the Math Operators.

DescriptionMath SymbolShortcut in Word
Plus Sign+002B, Alt + X
Minus Sign2212, Alt + X
Multiplication Sign×00D7, Alt + X
Obelus / Division ign÷00F7, Alt + X
Percentage Sign%0025, Alt + X
Per mille (per thousand)0089, Alt + X
Plus or Minus±00B1, Alt + X
Exactly Identical2261, Alt + X
Equals=003D, Alt + X
Not Equal to2260, Alt + X
Approximately equal2248, Alt + X
Less Than<003C, Alt + X
Greater Than>003E, Alt + X
Greater than or equal2265, Alt + X
Less than or equal2264, Alt + X
Square Root221A, Alt + X
Degree sign°00B0, Alt + X
Infinity221E, Alt + X
SummationΣ2211, Alt + X
Partial Differential2202, Alt + X
Increment2206, Alt + X
N-Ary220F, Alt + X
Right Angle221F, Alt + X

Instructions to use these Math Symbols shortcuts:

  • Open your MS Word
  • Put the curser where you wanna insert the symbol.
  • Type the codes in the table above
  • Press Ctrl + X on your keyboard.

Any math symbol you need can be typed using these steps.

Insert Mathematical Signs in Excel

To insert Math Signs in Excel:

  • Open Excel.
  • Select the cell that will contain the character.
  • On the Insert tab, select Symbol from the list.

Select Mathematical Operators from the “Subset:” when the symbol dialog box appears.

Mathematical Operators

Insert Math Characters in PowerPoint

To insert Math Symbols in PowerPoint:

  • Open PowerPoint document.
  • Choose the slide where you want the character to appear and place the insertion pointer there.
  • Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.
  • Click on the Symbols button.
  • From the “Subset” drop-down list, select Latin-1 Supplement.
  • Select the particular Math Symbol and click Insert.
  • Close the dialog.


Most of the time people use the Alt code method because it is easy to use with the keyboard. Also, it is fast to use the keyboard while typing.

For Mac users, it is handy to use keyboard shortcuts. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all allow you to insert these symbols with a mouse-based approach.