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How to Remove Spacebar Keycap | A View of the Available Options

There are different brands of keyboards with removable keys. But pulling off the bigger keycap like the spacebar needs a more cautious approach. There are simple options for this task, but the processes are specific. So let us know how to remove the spacebar keycap.

Generally, keyboards with the facilities of portable keys come with the keycap puller tool. So, you can remove or pull off a spacebar keycap with a regular keycap puller. But there are options like properly sized paper clips or cards as alternatives to conventional tools.

Whenever you opt to remove the spacebar keycap, you should know the details of the actual process and different safety issues. The following article will let you know not only to remove the keycap but also to reinstall it properly.


How to Remove Spacebar Keycap

Removing the keycaps is systematic, and it should be well-planned. While dealing with a big keycap like the spacebar, you have to be more cautious and tactical. The following ways will make it easier for you.

Step 1: The first important step to ensure safety is unplugging the keyboard and accessories from the main power section. Before getting in direct touch with the base of the switches, closing the power supply is important so that you can work with it comfortably.

Step 2: To remove the keycap from the spacebar, you have to use keycaps at both ends. For this purpose, using two keycap pullers is an option for removing the keycaps from the spacebar. Insert a keycap puller individually at each end of the spacebar.

The wires of the keycap puller on both ends should be positioned and adjusted so that the keycap can be held firmly.

When you do not have conventional keycap pullers, the use of a paper clip can be effective for this. Let us see how to convert a paperclip into a Keycap Puller:

  • First, you have to unfold the paper clip, and three paper clips are needed. Two paper clips will be for the structure of the body of the keycap puller, and the other one is to make connections between the two main clips.
  • Straighten all three clips and form two puller body parts with the two clips. Two equal 90-degree bends are required with a repeated process for the other clip.
  • The base of the clips should be the same size. The outward end needs the smaller 90-degree bends to be used as the handles for your puller. Wrapping all the pieces together, you need to overlap two bent clips to settle them on top of each other.

Step 3: When you are going to pull the keycap of the spacebar, you have to be precise and relatively slow. Pulling should be gentle enough with the help of both pullers. Pull up the keycap of the spacebar at both ends simultaneously. Understand the root structure of the switches to handle the process firmly.

The whole process of pulling the keycap of a particular switch on the keyboard is not very complex. Yet, dealing with the larger keys, such as the Spacebar, need extra care as it can have a spring bar, and a jerky movement can damage the key.

How do I put my spacebar keycap back on?

You may have to pull the spacebar keycap for functional purposes or regular cleanliness. Then the reinstallation of the key becomes an important factor. However, putting the spacebar keycap back is not complex. There should be minimal awareness while maintaining the process. Here are the ways to follow:

Step 1: Firstly, you have to position the bottom of the key in the opening of the keyboard’s exact position. Keep the top tilted up and away from the keyboard.

In most cases, users want to take the top bracket off the key and put it into its spot in the hole first, keeping the keyboard on and off. But safety is always an important thing to consider.

Step 2: Now, start applying the required pressure from the bottom and slide your fingers up toward the top of the spacebar key.

Step 3: You can figure out the two lower connections to the switch between the spacebars. The top bracket is expected to be naturally in the correct space.

Step 4: Therefore, tapping the spacebar back into the hole and feeling the normal action from the top part of it is simple. But remember to tap it on the top half.

Always remain careful about applying the right amount of pressure. Excessive pressure and lack of concentration can make this simple task hazardous.

How do I remove a spacebar without a tool?

For regular keyboards with a keycap pulling system, it requires a conventional tool to remove the spacebar from the keyboard. Different keyboards have a keycap puller. But all the brands may not have the facilities like fixed tools for removing the spacebar keycap.

So, let us know the ways to do this removal task without any tools. The standard ways to detach keycaps, including the spacebar, without using any tools can be typical without the knowledge of the proper process. Using a paper clip or even a credit card, and also an equivalent wedge can be applied for the task.

Here are the steps to be followed to remove a spacebar keycap without a tool:

Step 1: Place the keyboard in a safe, dry spot on your desktop to make it safer to handle the process.

Step 2: For pulling the spacebar keycap, you can choose things like a twisted paper clip or a credit card.

As alternatives to regular tools, unconventional things, including a house key, a knife,  an outdated PC chassis, a PV porthole, etc, are applicable for the keyboard removal process.

Step 3:  This whole process focuses on applying the same pressure in the upward section on the other side of the key.

Step 4: Now, pull the keycap of the spacebar through the same pressure but be careful not to bend the keycap in any one way.Step 4: This process can disassemble the spacebar key from the below, and it is supposed to come off easily.

The important thing is to be noted that the larger or longer spacebar keys should be handled with extra care if you want to deal with them without a traditional tool. While handling a keyboard and spacebar without LED lights, take extra precautions. It would be best if you worked on switching off the light and also turning it off. You check the review Best Keycaps For Black Keyboards


What can I use instead of a SpaceBar?

If you have no option to use the regular spacebar key, there is another hardware option available. Keep the num lock key pressed and then hold the ‘Alt’ key and press 255 to get a regular space.

How do I remove the SpaceBar keycap from my Razer?

You can remove the spacebar keycap gently from your Razer using the keycap puller. You can also go for options like a credit card to pull this standard cap off. However, a small screwdriver or one of the plastic prying tools are better tools to handle the task.

How do I remove the spacebar keycap ducky?

You need to place the keycap puller over the spacebar key. Then, push down the key, and you will hear a click from it. Now, hold the keyboard down using your opposite hand and pull up with the key puller. You should do it using a small amount of force and wait till the keycap is removed.

Final Words

The removal of a spacebar keycap and then putting it back are the interconnected tasks. While handling a bigger key like the spacebar, you should know which tools should be used and what should be considered important.

Therefore, the article “How to Remove Spacebar Keycap| A View of the Available Options” has discussed the regular and alternative ways to remove the spacebar keycap. Moreover, the guidelines for the details of the processes and answers to important quarries will make your experience more productive.