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How to Protect MacBook Screen from Keyboard

Protecting the laptop by keeping it in a padded pouch is what we think is all we need. But when your MacBook is closed, the keyboard and the screen are in close contact. And in times, your MacBook keyboard can be the enemy of your screen! So, how to protect MacBook screen from keyboard to keep away from stains and potential damage?

Marks on MacBook Screen

We all who have used laptops know about the marks on the screens. Yes, we are talking about the marks on the keyboard that sticks to the screen and makes the screen of the laptop look ugly. Why do these marks appear? And what sort of marks are these? Well, there can be two reasons for this-

MacBook Screen from Keyboard

Key Pressure

The MacBook stays open for a while when you work. However, throughout the night or the time when you are not working, the lid stays closed. As a result, the keys of your laptop press against the screen with the regular dirt on the keys. This direct pressure of the keys on your plastic screen of the MacBook results in marks.

Chemical Residue

After using the laptop for years, the keys of the laptop are not as clean as they were when they were manufactured. Over time, chemical residue builds upon the keys. And when the laptop keyboard press against the screen the buildup transfers to the screen resulting in marks.

How to Clean Keyboard Marks on MacBook Screen

No matter why the marks appear on your screen from the keyboard, these can be damaging. Along with this, the keyboard keys are hard. They can easily damage the screen of your MacBook. What can you do to prevent it? Here are some ways that can help you out!

Method 1: Keyboard Covers

The first method of keeping the MacBook screen safe is using a cover over the keyboard. There are several covers available in the market. These covers cover up your keyboard and safeguard the screen from the marks and damage the keyboard can cause.

However, not all the covers can be the perfect choice for your MacBook. Even after using a cover, you can still see keyboard cover leaving marks on screen. Also, if the keyboard cover is not perfectly matched, you can damage the screen permanently.

But using a keyboard cover can help you from the potential risk of screen damage. For this, you must ensure that you are getting your hands on a cover that is a perfect fit for MacBook. Only a few companies will provide you with the right fit for MacBook. Use it and your screen will be completely safe from destruction.

Method 2: Microfiber Cloths

Though people think that the best way to protect the screen is to use the cover, there are side effects too. We have mentioned them above. And if you are still facing issues after using a MacBook keyboard cover, switch to microfiber cloths.

This method works like a charm for some users. The microfiber cloth that you are using should be specially designed for MacBook. Also, it must be thin enough to not damage the screen or leave marks on it.

All you need is to put it on the keyboard as you do with the covers. And that’s all! Your keyboard is safer than anytime it has ever been.

How to Clean Keyboard Marks on MacBook Screen

Cleaning the Keyboard

Another very important part of protecting the screen from the keyboard is cleaning the keyboard. We are not careful enough about it but if you are a MacBook user who spends a lot of time on the laptop, it’s vital.

Clean the keys after using the laptop. Go for soft brushes or cloth for the job. Make sure no dirt is stuck before closing the laptop. In this way, you can keep away damage and always enjoy a neat screen.

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FAQs on Protecting MacBook Screen from Keyboard

Is a MacBook keyboard protector bad?

No, it isn’t back to use a keyboard protector on MacBook. However, the protector should be thin enough and of the right fit. It is also necessary to keep in mind that leaving any material on the display or the keyboard will affect the display. Be sure before investing in it.

How many times should I clean the MacBook keyboard?

The residue on the keyboard will transfer to the screen if you do not clean the keyboard properly. According to the microbiologists, you have to clean the keyboard twice a week to safeguard your MacBook. Also, whenever you see dirt on the screen, wipe it off to keep it clean.

What are the side effects of keyboard covers for the MacBook screen?

No matter how much we deny, yes, there are side effects of the keyboard covers on the MacBook screen. Firstly, the keyboard covers can start creating marks on the screen too. Along with this, with the cover, the keys will be a bit pressured from the top. As a result, there can make your typing less precise too. In this way, you will have typing mistakes. But if you get used to it, it won’t bother you. Yet, you cannot agree more that there will be side effects.

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Wrap Up 

People who have recently started using are cautious of their MacBook screen getting marked by the keyboard. If you use it for a long period, unfortunately, you have to deal with it someday. The best you can do is to keep it neat and clean as long as you can.