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How To Connect Apple Keyboard to PC Without Bluetooth

Those of us who prefer desktop computers over laptops must rely on a physical keyboard. Even though you may use just about any keyboard with a standard PC, if you’ve invested in an Apple system, the Magic Keyboard is your best bet.

Apple’s keyboard has long been recognized as among the top in the market. However, there are times when we run into complications due to the incompatibility of an Apple keyboard with a PC. We need to understand how to connect Apple keyboard to PC without Bluetooth. Users all across the world have adopted it, and the vast majority of its purchasers find it to be invaluable.

Methods of Connecting Apple Keyboard to PC without Bluetooth

Apple keyboards can be linked to computers in a variety of ways. However, the vast majority are too difficult and inconvenient. You’ll be relieved to discover that there’s a simple method to link your Apple keyboard to a PC. Many folks are interested in linking their Apple keyboard to their computer.

  • Using USB Cable

Two different methods exist for connecting an Apple keyboard to a computer. To begin with, we have the use of a USB cord. Worries are unwarranted even if your PC is several years old. The Apple keyboard is compatible with it. New computers need the purchase of a USB cable. After that, you may link up your Apple keyboard with your PC.

  1. Turn on your pc and plug the keyboard into a USB port. If you haven’t already, follow the steps below.
  2. Connect the keyboard’s power supply.
  3. Following the aforementioned procedures, the keyboard will be properly linked to the PC.
  4. You may return to your regularly scheduled keyboard usage at this time.

These are the steps you should take to unplug the keyboard from the PC:

  1. The computer must be turned off and the power cable removed.
  2. The USB keyboard must then be unplugged.
  3. The keyboard has now been detached from the computer.
  • Utilizing a Hub

The use of a hub is an additional option. It’s an apparatus with many inputs and outputs. An Apple keyboard may be linked to a computer using this hub.

  • Utilizing a Splitter

A splitter is not required if you have a modern model of PC. In electronic terminology, a “splitter” is a device with two or more outputs. Using the splitter, you may attach your Apple keyboard to a PC.

  • Adapter for USB-C to the USB port

Any USB device may be used with a USB-C to USB Adapter. An Apple keyboard may be used with a PC with the purchase of a USB-C to USB adapter.

  • Utilizing a 3.5mm Headphone Jack to Connect an Apple Keyboard to a PC

Using a 3.5mm headphone jack, you may attach an Apple keyboard to a computer in a number of different ways. This strategy, however, is not effective. Given that the Apple keyboard requires a connection to the headphones when using the 3.5mm port, it follows that the headphones must be used in conjunction with the computer. Moreover, this is not a simple process.

Does the Magic Keyboard work without Bluetooth?

Apple Keyboard to PC Without Bluetooth

A pleasurable typing experience may be obtained using the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. In spite of being comprised of ABS plastic, the keys’ flat, low contour gives off a sense of durability. A lot of people are worried that you can’t use the keyboard unless you have Bluetooth, and that’s a valid issue.

The magic keyboard is not dependent on Bluetooth for normal operation. No restrictions apply if people don’t have Bluetooth. However, a wireless or USB-connected Magic Keyboard with a Lightning connection is required for the Touch Bar & fingerprint reader to function.

Use of the USB-C to USB adapter with the Magic Keyboard will result in reduced features. The Magic Keyboard and the Touch Bar cannot communicate through the USB-C to USB adaptor. However, if you have an Apple Model A1843, you may utilize the touch bar by pairing it with your computer wirelessly through Bluetooth or connecting it via a USB cable.

In the case of old, non-wireless versions, the Magic keyboard may still be used without the need for Bluetooth. However, Apple has never issued a model without Bluetooth functionality, so even the oldest models may connect with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

On the right portion of the keyboard, above the number pad, is the Touch Bar, which acts as a touch screen tailored to the current application (and displays different information depending on what you have open).

Up on the top right of the keyboard is where you’ll find the Touch ID fingerprint reader. In addition to enabling Apple Pay, it also unlocks your Mac’s password-protected files and applications.

The magic keyboard may be used without a Bluetooth connection. Connecting the Magic Keyboard directly to the iPad, rather than via Bluetooth, requires the use of a powered USB port. USB devices reveal their power usage during the software scanning process (connection).

Neither a receiver nor Bluetooth connectivity is included in the Apple Magic Keyboard 2021. In its place, the Smart Cover attaches to the iPad via magnetic connectivity through the Smart Connector. In order to function, it must draw power from the connected iPad, since it lacks its own battery.

The Smart Connector is required for it to work with the iPad, thus while it doesn’t need a cable to link, we still regard it to be a wired link. Because the board is powered only by the iPad’s battery, you can’t use the USB Type-C connector for anything else, even charging the iPad.


Connecting an Apple keyboard to a PC is useful in a variety of situations. If you use Apple products and Windows PCs, you may wish to utilize the same keyboard. Also, maybe you’re using a MacBook Air but like typing on a physical keyboard. Knowing how to connect apple keyboard to PC without Bluetooth will allow you to simply sync your Apple keyboard with your windows computer for whatever purpose you may have.