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How to Clean MSI Laptop Keyboard | Safest & Functional Methods

The proper functionality of an MSI laptop keyboard depends a lot on its cleanliness. Also, regular cleaning ensures the best look of the keyboard. So, how to clean MSI laptop keyboard.

Wipe off or clean the dust and dirt from the keyboard area by applying positive suction pressure. Also, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the sticky keys. 

How to Clean MSI Laptop Keyboard

Whether your MSI keyboard has been sticky over time or you spilled something on it and require cleaning, here is what you need to do.

How to Clean MSI Laptop Keyboard

I will discuss the basic cleaning process of the MSI laptop keyboard in this section. In order to complete the procedure, you will need the below items.

  • Soft brush or paintbrush
  • Air compressor
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Disinfecting wipes

Step 01: Turn the Laptop off and unplug it

Before starting, it is always important to turn the laptop off. Then unplug it.

Turning off the device means moisture fails to get into the device. At the same time, unplugging will protect you from the shock.

Important Note: Backing up important documents and data is also a good practice. So, do it in case something happens damn wrong.

Step 02: Shake Your Laptop by Tilting it Upside Down

This will help dislodge the biggest crumbs, bunnies, or other debris. Place a garbage can or a towel below the laptop to make the cleanup process convenient.

Step 03: Clean the Loose Debris

You can clean the loose debris in 2 methods: compressed air and a soft brush.

  • Use Compressed Air

Provide short bursts of compressed air between the keys. Make sure to tilt the keyboard to one side. Also, start from one side and finish on another side of the keyboard. Any debris trapped between and beneath the keys will be dislodged by the air’s force.

Important Note: It is mandatory to keep the pressure settings lowest.
  • Use a Soft Brush or Microfiber Cloth

Grab a soft brush (like a paintbrush) or microfiber cloth and gently run it over the keyboard. Ensure you run the brush over all the crevices.

If any stubborn grime builds up on the keyboard, clean it using a cotton swab. Dip the cotton swab in a bit of isopropyl alcohol and clean the stubborn grime.

Step 04: Wipe off the Keyboard with Disinfecting Wipe

Have you got a cold and want to disinfect the keyboard? Disinfecting will be so simple if you use disinfecting wipes.

Run a disinfecting wipe across the keys of the keyboard. Also, using cotton will be beneficial as you effortlessly clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Important Note: Avoid using bleach or disinfectant spray while cleaning the keys. They contain moisture which can do more harm than good.

How to Clean Beneath the MSI Laptop Keyboard?

Your MSI laptop keyboard can get sticky for several reasons and require cleaning beneath it. First, you must remove the keys and wipe them off thoroughly. Then, reinstall the keys. Are my MSI laptop keyboard keys detachable?

For this, you must browse the manufacturer’s website to know whether you can pop up the keys. Some MSI laptop model keyboard keys can easily be pried off, allowing you to clean underneath the buttons. While other models’ keys are non-removable.

Follow the below steps.

Step 01: Capture an Image of the Keyboard

It would always be best to capture an image of the keyboard keys layout. This will help when you put the keys back into place. Otherwise, you might need to remember the layout and put the wrong keys on a specified position. Moreover, you may need clarification if your MSI laptop keyboard has special characters and function keys.

Step 02: Pry Off the Keys

Buy a specialized toolkit from your nearest electrical store. Also, a small knife or a flathead screwdriver can be helpful. Even a fingernail can let you pry them off.

Gently pry the keys off. Don’t rush or force the keys to get removed; it can damage the key permanently and cause expensive repairs.

Important Note: Store the keys in a can or jar to avoid losing them accidentally.

Step 03: Thoroughly Wipe the Beneath of the Keys Off

I recommend not using any liquid to clean the inner portion of your MSI laptop keyboard. In this case, get some cotton swabs and dip them into alcohol. Then, be utmost careful when wiping the spot away.

Step 04: Reinstall the Keys in Place

Once cleaning is done, start reinstalling the keys in place. Make sure the keys are perfectly aligned. Start from the bottom edge. Press the keys gently, and you will hear a pop sound when placed accurately. Take help from the image if required.

Important Note: If you face difficulty placing the key back, read the instruction manual.

How to Clean Spills from MSI Laptop Keyboard

An accidental spill can happen anytime on the keyboard. The spill is dangerous for the keyboard as well as for the device. Don’t panic! Follow the below steps.

Step 01: Turn the Laptop Off and Remove the Battery without Being Late

You need to act immediately in this case. Turn off the laptop, disconnect the cord, and remove the battery immediately. The laptop can be permanently damaged if liquid gets into the interior and electrical components. Quick action will help you minimize the loss.

Important Note: If bulging, bubbling, steam, or smoke appears from the keyboard, avoid touching it. Otherwise, you will lead yourself to burn or electrical shock.

Step 02: Thoroughly Clean the Spill with a Towel

Get a soft towel or microfiber cloth and clean the spill thoroughly. Flip the laptop to clean the back side of it.

Blot away as much liquid and moisture from the device. You must dry any liquid available on the laptop surface.

Important Note: Avoid using regular towels or tissue as they can leave tiny particles that might trap inside the laptop. Lint-free or microfiber cloth will be the best option.

Step 03: Leave the Laptop for Dry

The spill-cleaning process requires time. Even if you see that the laptop is dry from the outside, you must wait for at least 2 days to dry fully.

Important Note: Thinking of speeding up the drying process by using a hairdryer? Don’t do it.

Step 04: Check the Laptop Once Dried

When you are satisfied that the laptop is completely dried, try turning it on. Check whether it starts and whether the keyboard works. If the MSI laptop turns on and the keyboard works fine, consider using it for at least 5-6 hours without a break.

In case the laptop or the keyboard doesn’t respond, consider visiting a professional. They can help you clean the inside of the laptop.

Clean your laptop the easy way


Can the MSI laptop be cleaned with Clorox wipes?

Yes, Clorox wipes are a good solution for cleaning MSI laptops. You can also use them to clean the mouse, trackpads, etc. However, make sure to squeeze the wipes as much as you can to dampen them.

Are there any alternatives to compressed air cleaning the MSI laptop keyboard?

Yes, there are a few good alternatives, such as a blow dryer or a portable air compressor. When using these alternatives, you have to be cautious. For example, keep the blow dryer settings for cooling or maintaining a minimum air pressure of the air compressor.

Let’s Close It Off

Hopefully, you find this guide on how to clean MSI laptop keyboard helpful. After reading this piece, you can always easily clean your laptop.

Many of us don’t bother cleaning the keyboard. As a result, the keyboard keys may get stuck or stop responding. Periodic cleaning will help keep your MSI laptop keyboard performance at its best.