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How To Change The Name Of Your Mac Keyboard

Buying a second-hand MacBook needs to bring some changes to it. Significantly it would help if you changed your username and password. Also, you may have other reasons to rename it. People think it’s hard. Believe me; this task is much easier than they thought.

Here we’ll show you the entire process of changing the name of your mac keyboard. Follow these few methods properly to learn the process.

Why Change The Mac Name

You’ll find name-changing methods available online. But it’s hard to find the proper answer to “Why should you change it?” So here are some beneficial reasons for renaming the MacBook:

Annoyed with Current Username:

Setting up a new computer is the user’s concern. And on the Mac computer, some weird username sticks like a sore thumb. So you should change your name if you don’t want to get annoyed.


Apple provides some features on its devices. AirDrop is one of the most significant features of that list. You can quickly transfer files using it. But random users confuse the receiver while sending files. Also, it becomes harder to know where to send those. You can easily avoid such problems using easy-to-find names.

System-Wide Change:

The username is visible everywhere, including the primary file system of the mac computer. Using a more accessible username makes typing convenient on type commands.


If you want to use the Bluetooth feature, you will see the Mac address on the list of devices. These addresses are tough to remember. But using a name is the ideal option there to cope-paste.

Multiple Users:

For various users of the same pc, setting up usernames for each user is a must. Users can easily find their profiles using their names.


If you fall into a weird WiFi issue, you might remove the network from the Mac. It will be tough to recognize the pc if you set up the username of your pc.

How to Change the Name of a MacBook

The above-discussed topic shows several reasons for renaming the Mac computer. Now, it’s time to learn how to rename the MacBook.

Step-1: Click on “Apple” logo, then System Preferences.

Step-2: Now click on Sharing option in the shown-up window.

Step-3: You’ll find the name label of the computer. Type the new name into the textbox next to it.

Step-4: Almost done. It’s time to save the new name. Click anywhere outside the text box. It will keep the changes you just made.

Though these steps are enough for renaming a MacBook, it will be great if you restart the computer because it saves the changes on the system level. Your device and version might vary, but the process is the same. 

Change the Username:

We said the way of changing the computer name above. Now let’s learn the process of changing the Main username. Start following these steps:

Step-1: Click the “Apple” logo

Step-2: Go to “System Preferences”

Step-3: Now, choose the “Users and Groups” from the latest opened window.

Step-4: Then click the lock button and enter the password

Step-5: Hold the “Control” option, then click on your primary user id.

Step-6: Click “Advanced”

Step-7: Type your desired name on the textbox beside “Full Name.”

Step-8: Click “OK,” to save your task.

Changing Keyboard Name:

So, we described the ways of the name of your Mac computer. What to do to rename your keyboard? You can also rename your mouse, trackpad, etc using this trick. So, carefully follow this tutorial.

Usually, Mac renames every device itself while connected. You can change this name. However, it won’t have any effect on the operation. So, your keyboard will usually work after providing a different name.

This trick is straightforward, and you can do it with a few steps. First, let’s make it clear. You have to access the System Preferences of your MacBook and then open the Bluetooth option. Please extend it and see all connected devices there. Next, press the right button of your mouse or press Ctrl+ Click. Now there will be three options. First, select the keyboard, and Click on “Rename.”

So, the step-by-step process is:

Step-1:  Click the “Apple” sign


Step-2: Access “System Preferences” (click)

System Preferences

Step-3: Click on “Action”


Step-4: Select “Rename”


Step-5: Type your desired keyboard name

desired keyboard

Step-6: Click “OK.”

Done! You have successfully renamed your Mac Keyboard.

Rename keyboard on iPad:

We discussed renaming the Mac name, username, and keyboard above. Now you may ask, “How to change the Apple keyboard name on the iPad?” It’s too much easy. Just move on following these steps:

Step-1: Connect your device

Step-2: Navigate to Settings, then right-click on the “Device” option.

Step-3: Turn the device off.

Step-4: The right-click menu will still be open. Choose “Rename” there.

Step-5: Input your desired name, then close the pop-up window.

Step-6: Turn on your device.

So, you have learned the easiest way of renaming an Apple keyboard on the iPad.

How To Change the Name Of Your Mac

Final Words:

Renaming a device on the computer is a simple task. In macOS, it becomes slightly tricky. There are various reasons and ways to rename a pc or device. So, many people don’t understand what they should do. Most Mac users ask about this.

Here, we have described briefly “How to change the name of your Mac Keyboard?”. You can easily change your keyboard or device names following our tutorial.