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How Many Types of Keys in Computer Keyboard

Knowing how many types of keys in computer keyboard can help you make the most of your setup. The keyboard’s creation simplified several forms of written communication, including typing with letter keys and bookkeeping with number keys.

To this day, there are still jobs that need a keyboard yet could easily be done by hand. Knowing the different kinds of keys on a computer keyboard is essential if you want to become more proficient at using one and so save time in your everyday life.

How Many Types of Keys in Computer Keyboard?

A computer would be useless without a keyboard. It’s a collection of keypads that facilitates data entry into the computer. The many kinds of keys and how they’re used will be the topic of today’s lesson. Keyboards typically consist of 104 keys.

How Many Types of Keys in Computer Keyboard?

Types of Keys in a Keyboard:

  • Alphabet Keys
  • Number Keys
  • Special Keys
  • Function Keys
  • Navigation Keys

Alphabet Keys

The keys that correspond to the letters A through Z are referred to as alphabet keys, and they are the most significant sorts of keys on a keyboard. On the computer keyboard, the letters of the alphabet are represented by a total of 26 keys. The majority of keyboards have a QWERTY layout for the keys, which means that the letters are not in alphabetical order.

You may write out words using these alphabet keys to build sentences and paragraphs for essays, papers, or articles much like the one you are reading right now using the article you are reading as an example. You are able to type both capital and lowercase letters by making use of the modifier key known as the Shift key. This helps to ensure that the text adheres to the appropriate grammar and formatting standards.

Number Keys

There are two alternative places for the number keys on the keyboard, and each one has a different purpose. At each of the two places, there is a total of ten keys, numbered from one to zero. Symbols may be entered using the number keys that are located right above the letter keys. You may also write out these symbols by using the Shift key on your keyboard. The number pad may also be accessed by using the keys on the right side of the keyboard.

Special Keys

Some of the text editor’s more advanced features may be accessed using the keyboard’s special keys. Here are some examples of special keys and the actions they trigger:

  • To create a pause between two words that stand on their own as sentences, use the space bar.
  • To proceed to the line that follows in the text editor, use the Enter key.
  • To remove the characters and spaces before the cursor, use the backspace key.
  • To access the Start menu and its many shortcuts, such as Windows + I to launch the Settings program, use the Windows key.
  • You may quit or stop any currently running applications or processes by using the Escape key (Esc).
  • Press the Delete key to get rid of the current selection.

Function Keys

The function keys are easily identifiable since they begin with the letter F and are located at the very top of the keyboard. Beginning with F1, the function keys on the keyboard continue all the way up to F12. On the keyboard, there is additionally a key labeled Fn that serves as an extra function key.

Navigation Keys

On a computer keyboard, the sorts of keys known as navigation keys are those that are required for use in a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • With the help of these navigation keys, you may go across a web page or the window of a text editor line by line.
  • When the Num Lock is turned off, the keys 8, 4, 2, and 6 on the numeric keypad may also be used as navigation keys. This was covered in a previous section.
  • When it comes to managing activities like video editing or playing games, these keys come in quite handy.

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How many function keys are on a keyboard?

In the top row of the keyboard is a group of keys known as function keys. These keys enable shortcuts to frequently used tasks. On the keyboard of a personal computer, you’ll find a total of twelve function keys. It is possible to pair these keys with others, such as the CTRL key, the ALT key, or the Shift key.

How many number keys are on a keyboard?

If there is also a separate numeric keypad, it brings the total number of number keys on the keyboard up to 20.

How many alphabetic keys are there?

26 different alphabetic keys, corresponding to the 26 different English alphabets.

How many arrow keys are on a keyboard?

The right, left, up, and down arrow keys may be found on a standard computer keyboard. If you consider the arrow keys on the number pad of the majority of personal computer keyboards, there are eight of them. If you count all of the arrow keys, the number pad on the majority of personal computer keyboards has a total of eight arrow keys.

How many rows of keys are there on a keyboard?

If you count the row that contains the function keys, there are a total of six rows of keys. There are letters from the alphabet in these rows, however, they are not shown in alphabetical order: the top row, the home row, and the bottom row. You should always start with your fingers at the home row of the keyboard.

Final Words

Even though there are more than 100 keys on a keyboard, we often aren’t aware of the functions of all of the keys that may be useful to us. Reading this article on how many types of keys in a computer keyboard will assist you to learn more about the keys and how to use them effectively so that you may do your day-to-day responsibilities more quickly.