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How Many Types of Keyboard

A keyboard is an input device for computers, telecommunications equipment, and other electronic devices. It is typically a flat surface that contains an array of buttons and key switches to actuate the computer’s input functions.

You have to press the buttons to input the data. For your computer at home try to buy a keyboard that fits what you need.

Do not choose the wrong keyboard which may cause your keyboard to develop a fault.

To avoid this, of course, you need to understand how many types of keyboards are available on the market.

How Many Types of Keyboards?

There are many different types of keyboards available each with individual features that can provide convenience and alternative operating styles to typists.

How Many Types of Keyboard

1. Standard Keyboard:

The standard keyboard is the most familiar type of keyboard. It contains many symbols on the keys. The most commonly used character is the letter on the top of each key.

2. Numeric Keypad:

The numeric Keypad is an extra keyboard designed to allow the user to enter numbers more efficiently. It contains additional keys in the form of a number pad which is located on the right side of the computer’s main keyboard. It is usually used in a laptop computer or desktop computer which doesn’t have much space on it.

3. Thumb Keyboard:

The thumb keyboard is used for gaming. It’s smaller and lighter than the standard keyboard. The most commonly used symbol on the button is the letter on it. You can use it to type faster after you become familiar with it.

4. Chiclet Keyboard:

Chiclet keyboards are thin computer keyboards with a very wide key. It is basically used in laptops and netbooks because of its small size. It’s very easy to use because of its size which is small.

5. Mechanical Keyboard:

It’s a special type of keyboard that has individual switches under every button. It needs you to press the button down all the way, so it can actuate the switch completely. A mechanical keyboard provides very different tactile feedback compared to other keyboards.

6. Wireless Keyboard:

The wireless keyboard is a new type of keyboard that doesn’t need to be attached to the computer by a cord. It uses radio frequency or infrared signals to transmit data to the receiver from the transmitter. The user can use it anywhere there’s an open space for the wireless transmitter and a free USB port connected to the computer.

7. Gaming Keyboard:

A designed keyboard that is specifically for gamers. It’s usually larger in size than a standard one and has special features like an ergonomic shape, multiple customizable backlit colors, programmable keys, and dedicated media control buttons.

8. Programmable Keyboards:

The programmable keyboard allows you to control different functions without having to use the mouse. Some cables and keyboards that come with built-in features and software for this purpose are called programmable keyboards. You can change the functions of your computer using the built-in features of this type of keyboard.

9. Ergonomic Keyboard:

Ergonomic keyboards were developed to provide your computer usage with comfort and to improve your typing skills. They have special features like a curved shape, individual keys with a special shape, or even soft material on the keys.

10. Virtual Keyboard:

Virtual Keyboard is a new type of keyboard software. This feature is usable without the actual physical keyboard. This type of keyboard is usually used for mobile phones and media players.

11. Flexible Keyboard:

A flexible keyboard is a new type of keyboard that’s made of flexible material instead of hard plastic. It has a basic design with a large-scale surface area. It can be rolled up, so you can put it anywhere where you want to for convenient transport. This type of keyboard is different than the standard one because it’s more flexible, lightweight, and easier to carry around.

12. Specialized Keyboards:

Specialized keyboards are designed for a specific purpose. Among those types of keyboards, you can find keyboards for musicians, computer gamers, and healthcare professionals. They contain special features designed to suit the user’s specific needs.

Final Words

In conclusion, keyboards come in various types, including standard keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, wireless keyboards, virtual keyboards, flexible/portable keyboards, numeric keypads, and specialized keyboards.

Each type has its own unique features and is designed to cater to specific needs or use cases, such as typing comfort, gaming, mobility, data entry, music production, accessibility, and more. When choosing a keyboard, it’s important to consider your specific requirements and preferences to find the one that best suits your needs.