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What is the Home Button on a Keyboard?

Among the useful buttons on your keyboard, it’s tough to ignore one because all of them are undoubtedly necessary.

But when it comes to reducing the keys of a keyboard, the list of keys that you can’t help keeping includes the Home Button for sure! So, what is the home button on a keyboard for Windows and Mac? What does it do? Let’s have a look!

Home Button and the Placement

The Home key refers to a control key. By pressing this one, it helps to return the text cursor to the beginning of the line. It means the beginning of the line that you are typing right now. If you want, the Home key on the keyboard will help you to return to the beginning of a document too. The same goes for a cell and a web page if you press the Home key.

Home Button and the Placement

Location of the Home Key

The location of the home key depends on the computer you are using. It will be settled in one place in the standard keyboard while for laptops, the placement might change. However, in both cases, the job of the button is the same!

Standard Keyboard

The Home key in any standard keyboard is set above the arrow keys. You will also find another Home key in the standard keyboard. It will be set on the numeric keypad. Search that area and you will find this one. In short, there will be two Home keys in a standard keyboard for a PC.


We have already learned where the Home key is located in a standard keyboard. However, if you are using a laptop, the Home key will not be in the same position as we have described before. In this situation, the location of the Home key will be changed.

The change will happen depending on the model of the laptop. It will be better if we tell you that the location of the Home key in a laptop varies from one brand to another and one model to another.

But in most cases, the location is on any number at the top part of your keyboard. And in either case, it will be set at the top part of the function keys.

There are also laptop keyboards where you can only use the Home key by using the Fn key and the specific function key or the number key simultaneously. To make it easy, you have to press both of these to activate the key.

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Home Button on Mac

In Mac, if you want to scroll to the beginning of your document, you can rely on Fn and Left Arrow together which in either word is the Home button. If you settle for the right arrow, it will take you to the End of the document. So, the Fn + Left Arrow works the same in Mac as the Home button works in Windows.

Location of Home Key

If you are using a Mac and you previously were a user of Windows, it will get tough if you were used to the Home key. It’s because you do not get any specific key called Home in Mac. However, there are options that you can use as the home button on a mac keyboard. To get the same result as that one, you have to press Fn + Left Arrow. That’s all!

  • As we have said that Home keys are not available in Mac, we are partly wrong. If you want to get this button on your keyboard on Mac, you have to settle for the full-sized Apple keyboards. This one comes with both the Home and the End buttons.
Home Button and the Placement

Home Button for ps4

The Home button in Play Station 4 controller is different than the ones on the keyboard. Mostly, the PS button is called the Home button in the ps4.

But as we know, ps4 supports keyboards and mouse controls too. In that case, what is the home button on the keyboard for ps4? In the keyboards for ps4, the pause break is the PS button or the Home button.

Wrap Up

So, the Home button can be different in different types of keyboards. But you already know how important the button is. Though it’s a little complicated to press the button on Mac, once you get used to it, it won’t bother you anymore!