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Fixes for Logitech Keyboard k800 Not Working

Let’s face it, no matter how good your Logitech keyboard is, the keyboard might stop working suddenly. There is nothing to worry about, this happens with almost all the keyboards, especially the wireless ones.

If you own the wireless k800 keyboard and you see that your Logitech keyboard k800 not working suddenly, we have several easy fixes for you! Don’t you want to try them before taking them to the professionals?

Easy Solution to Logitech k800 Keyboard Not Working

We have listed three different fixes for your keyboard. No matter whether your Logitech keyboard is not switching on or your Logitech keyboard won’t type- we can deal with it all!

Easy Solution to Logitech k800 Keyboard Not Working

Fix 1: Examine the Keyboard and the Port

Mostly, restarting the keyboard and the computer will solve the problem. Along with this, you can learn how to clean oily keyboard if the keyboard is not working. These are easy solutions. 

Also, before you get into the complicated part, make sure you go through the USB port of your Logitech keyboard along with the keyboard itself.

  • Firstly, check the On/Off button on your keyboard. You need to ensure that this button is turned on.
  • Next, you need to check the battery of your k800 Logitech keyboard. If the battery is not alright, the keyboard won’t work.
  • Also, make sure that the battery is not degraded, if so, you need to get your hands on new batteries. And finally, you have to check the plugin receiver. The best way to do it is by checking it in another USB port.

If it works, you can follow the next methods. However, if it doesn’t work, you need to understand that there are issues with the USB port.

  • Also, don’t forget to go through the keyboard keys. At times, the keys might be physically stuck. Check out how to clean greasy keyboard to fix this issue!  

Fix 2: Reinstall the Logitech Software

If the previously checked factors are alright, you have to move to this step where you need to remove the installed Logitech software. And then, you have to reinstall it.

The Logitech k800 is a wireless keyboard and naturally, it will come with software. This will aid you in mapping the receiver and the keyboard connected to your computer in a USB port.

It is a way to create a bond between the software and the hardware devices. Check out the steps to reinstall it!

  • First of all, you have to go through the keyboard and press the Windows button and R together. It will bring out the command window. Or you can manually go for the command window if the keys are not working.
  • In the command window, you have to type “appwiz.cpl” and then press OK. The Control panel of your Windows will appear before you.

If the keyboard is not working, you can go to the Start menu of your Windows, and from there, select the Control Panel. The goal is to open the Control Panel so that you can uninstall the program.

  • Here, you will see a list of software, and from the list; you have to find Logitech Software. Once you get it, you have to take your cursor on the software and right-click there. In the drop-down menu, you will see several options along with Uninstall.

Click on Uninstall to remove the software. It will take a bit of time, wait for it. When it is completed, make sure you have removed the receiver that’s connected to your computer.

Software options
  • Once the uninstallation process is done, you have to restart your computer so that Windows can save the recent changes you have made. Now, you need to reinstall the program.

After the reboot, plug in the receiver in the USB port of your PC. When you do this, Windows will show you a prompt and will tell you to install the driver. There will be several on-screen instructions given, all you need is to follow them and install the software.

  • Now that the program is installed once again, the bug will be fixed and you will be able to use your Logitech k800 keyboard without any complication.

Fix 3: Reinstall the Wireless Keyboard Driver

Another way to fix the problem if the previous solution didn’t work is via reinstalling the Logitech keyboard driver. This method works with k800 along with k360, k470, and k270 models.

But if you own an mk320, you can take a look at how you can fix the Logitech mk320 keyboard not working too! Let’s get back to fixing k800!

  • Firstly, you have to go through the Windows Icon at the bottom left part of your PC or the Start Menu. Click on it and several options will be available, among them; you have to choose Device Manager.

When the Device Manager appears on the screen, you will see a list of all the installed drivers. In the list, search for the one with Keyboard. Once you get it, click on it.

  • When you click on the Keyboard, you will be able to see the Logitech Wireless Keyboard Driver. All you need to do is uninstall it. Select the Uninstall Device option and then, take your cursor to the Uninstall button. Once the driver is uninstalled, you have to restart your computer.
Device option
  • While the computer will go through the restarting process, the computer will find out which driver is missing and as it is an essential driver, the PC will itself install the necessary keyboard driver.

However, we recommend you check if the driver is installed or not. Go through the Device Manager after the reboot and check for the installed drivers. If you don’t find it there, you have to go for the Action menu.

There, settle for the option- Scan for Hardware Changed. And then, you will be able to see the driver! This process of installing the driver again will fix the keyboard.

installed drivers


At times, you might see the driver with a Yellow Exclamation Mark. If you see this, go through the next steps to fix it.

  • Here, take your cursor to the driver and then right-click the mark. You will see an option named Update Driver. Select it and then pick up Search for the Drivers Automatically. With a consistent internet connection, your computer will search for the necessary driver/
  • Once the search process is done, the computer will update it. Now, once again, select Action and then scan for the hardware change. A refreshed list will appear and you will see the keyboard driver there!

Wrap Up

Almost all of the Logitech wireless keyboard k800 issues will be fixed if you follow these methods. These fixes are proven.

However, if it is not fixed, make sure you check our site as we have other advanced methods to fix the keyboards that are not working. Then again, you always have the option to go to the professionals to solve any other serious problems.