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5 Best White Keycaps- Our Top Picks

If you’re a keyboard enthusiast or just someone looking to upgrade the look of your keyboard, finding the best white keycaps is a top priority. White keycaps can give your keyboard a clean and minimalist aesthetic while providing a sleek and professional appearance. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best ones for your needs?

That’s why I’ve researched for you and compiled a list of my top picks for the 5 best white keycaps on the market. Whether you’re a gamer, typist, or someone who loves a beautiful keyboard setup, this guide will help you find the perfect white keycaps to elevate your typing experience.

What Are White Keycaps?

White keycaps are keyboard keycaps that are predominantly white in color. They can comprise various materials, such as plastic, PBT, ABS, and Polycarbonate.

Materials of White Keycaps:

Material Name Brief Information
ABS PlasticThese are frequently less expensive. They’re made of thinner, smoother plastic that can become “shiny” with repeated use.      
PBT PlasticMore pricey, but more durable and will not deteriorate with time. They’re thicker and have a “textured” matte look.      
Polycarbonate (PC)In mechanical keyboards, PC is used extensively (from casings to switches to keycaps). Most transparent or translucent keycaps are most likely constructed on a PC!      

5 Best White Keycaps: Comparison Table

A quick comparison table shows the diversity of technical features among the products listed. Check out the table below if you’re in a hurry or want a quick overview. Furthermore, my comparison table helps you simultaneously choose several keycaps for different purposes.

Product NameMaterialKeycaps ProfileKeycaps NumberKeycaps LayoutsSpecial FeatureCompatibilityPrice
SteelSeries PRISMCAPS White KeycapsPolybutylene TerephthalateCherry MX105US LayoutBacklitAny kind of mechanical keyboardCheck Here
CORSAIR White KeycapPolybutylene TerephthalateCherry MX104standard bottom row layout  BacklitCherry MX and VIOLA key switchesCheck Here
DROP Skylight Series Keycap SetPolybutylene TerephthalateOEM Profile  108Standard layoutLightingCherry MX Switches & Clones, and CTRL, ALT, ENTR, TKL,  Check Here
SARDFXUL White Keycap SetPBT plasticXDA Profile  144MAC LayoutBacklit60/61/64/68/78/84/87/96/980/104/108 KeysCheck Here
DROP DCX Black-on-White Keycap SetAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneDCX Profile150QwertyQMK programming, RGB LEDs Cherry MX switches and clonesCheck Here

5 Best White Keycaps: Details Review

Now I will describe the top five white keycaps in detail. You can learn more about the features and quality of the keycaps from these reviews.

1. SteelSeries PRISMCAPS White Keycaps: Best Overall

SteelSeries PRISMCAPS - Double Shot Pudding-Style Keycaps

The SteelSeries PRISMCAPS White Keycaps are a stylish and functional accessory for any mechanical keyboard enthusiast. These keycaps have a sleek white design that adds a touch of elegance to your setup.

Technical Specifications

  • Keycaps Profile: Cherry MX
  • Keycaps Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Keys Number: 105
  • Special Features: Backlit
  • Keycaps Layouts: US Layout
  • Compatibility: Any mechanical keyboard.

Benefit With Feature

  • Thermoplastic PBT Keycaps

The SteelSeries PRISMCAPS White Keycaps are a premium option for anyone upgrading their keyboard. These keycaps are made from thermoplastic PBT and offer enhanced durability and a satisfying feel with each keystroke. The thermoplastic material is known for its resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the keycaps will maintain their pristine appearance even after prolonged use.

  •  RGB Pudding-Style Lighting

These keycaps include increased lighting capabilities and provide bright pudding-style RGB illumination for a striking visual effect. This is accomplished through a specifically constructed double-shot design with translucent sides and letters.

The translucent sides let the RGB lighting shine, providing a captivating glow that adds a stylish touch to any gaming setup. The double shot design ensures the keycaps’ lifespan because the letters and characters are molded into the keycap rather than printed on the surface.

  • Ultra-wide compatibility

One of the standout features of this product is its ultra-wide compatibility. It is designed to work seamlessly with standard and non-standard bottom-row keycap sets, making it compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboard brands.

Thumbs Up

  • It comes with 104 keys
  • Fit with full-sized, TKL and mini keyboard layout
  • It comes with a keycaps puller
  • Double shot keycaps
  • add two more sets of keycaps to the bottom row

Thumbs Down

  • The A, W, S, and D buttons will wear out.

Why Should You Buy It?

SteelSeries PRISMCAPS White Keycaps are a must-have for any keyboard or gaming fan. These sleek and stylish keycaps make your computer look better and easier to type.

They are made of high-quality PBT plastic and are built to last and hold up to much use. The white colour gives your keyboard setup a touch of elegance, and the translucent design lets the bright RGB lights shine through, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. With their natural shape and smooth feel, these keycaps are a dream to type on.

2. CORSAIR White Keycap: Best For Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR PBT DOUBLE-SHOT PRO Keycap Mod Kit – Double-Shot PBT Keycaps

Gaming keyboards are excellent with the CORSAIR White Keycap. These keycaps are designed for gamers and can boost performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Keycaps Profile: Cherry MX
  • Keycaps Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Keys Number: 104
  • Special Features: Backlit
  • Keycaps Layouts: standard bottom row layout
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX and VIOLA key switches

Benefit With Feature

  • PBT Plastic Keycaps

These keycaps are made of PBT plastic and are designed to endure wear and shine, assuring long-term endurance. The textured surface adds a distinct appearance and increases grip, improving performance during intense gaming or typing sessions.

  • Double-Shot Walls

With thick 1.5 mm double-shot walls, these keycaps are more stable and last longer. This makes sure that every keypress is accurate and reliable. The double-shot moulding process also ensures the backlit legends won’t fade. This lets the bright lights of your keyboard show through without getting less clear over time.

  • Wide Compatibility

These keycaps are made to fit most mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches. They are compatible with a wide range of keyboards and are easy to put on your current keyboard. The white color gives your setup a clean and stylish look, and the laser-etched legends make them easy to read for a long time without fading or wearing off.

Thumbs Up

  • It comes in six different colors
  • silicone O-ring dampeners keystrokes smooth and comfortable
  • Fit with all mechanical keyboards
  • Excellent choice for gaming

Thumbs Down

  • A few light leaks through legends

Why Should You Buy It?

These keycaps are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. Made from high-quality PBT material, they are incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. The white color adds a clean and stylish look to your keyboard setup, making it stand out.

The keycaps feature a standard layout compatible with most mechanical keyboards, ensuring a seamless fit. Additionally, they are easy to install, allowing you to customize your keyboard quickly. With the CORSAIR White Keycap set, you can boost your gaming performance.

3. DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set: Best For Multifunctional Keyboard

DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set

The DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set is a top choice for those looking to enhance the functionality of their keyboard. This keycap set is designed with versatility in mind, making it perfect for multifunctional keyboards.

Technical Specifications

  • Keycaps Profile: OEM Profile
  • Keycaps Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Keys Number: 108
  • Special Features: Lighting
  • Keycaps Layouts: standard layout
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX Switches & Clones, and CTRL, ALT, ENTR, TKL

Benefit With Feature

  • OEM profile

The DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set in OEM profile is a popular mechanical keyboard keycap set. The OEM profile refers to the form and height of the keycaps, designed to work with various keyboard layouts. Because of its pleasant and ergonomic form, the OEM profile is a favorite choice among many users.

  • Doubleshot PBT

The DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set is a high-quality keycap for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Made from double-shot PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), these keycaps are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

 The double-shot molding process ensures that the legends on the keycaps will never fade or wear off, even with heavy use. PBT keycaps also have a textured surface that provides a comfortable typing experience and prevents finger oils from accumulating over time.

  • Backlit

The DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set is an excellent choice for anyone who wants their keyboard to be more substantial, last longer, and have a brighter splash of color. These keycaps are made to last for a long time and can handle a lot of use. The backlighting lets the bright colors shine through, creating a beautiful effect. The DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set is an excellent choice whether you’re a gamer, a coder, or just someone who likes a stylish keyboard.

Thumbs Up

  • It comes with 108 keys
  • Compatible with standard TKl and 4 keys keyboards
  • It comes in four different colors
  • Doubleshot
  • Suitable with Cherry clones and MX switches.

Thumbs Down

  • Little bit expensive

Why Should You Buy It?

This Keycap Set is the best solution for improving typing on a multipurpose keyboard. This set fits most keyboards and mechanical key switches. High-quality PBT material gives the keycaps a smooth, matte feel that resists wear and shine.

The DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set gives every keyboard a splash of color and style. These translucent keycaps with lights give gamers and typists a pleasing tactile feel and better visibility. The DROP Skylight Series Keycap Set enhances typing.

4. SARDFXUL XDA Profile White Keycap Set: Best For Typing

Keycaps 144 Keys Set XDA Profile for MAC-Layout White Keycap

The SARDFXUL White Keycap Set is one of the best options for typing enthusiasts. Made from high-quality PBT plastic, these keycaps have a smooth, durable surface that can withstand heavy daily use.

Technical Specifications

  • Keycaps Profile: XDA Profile
  • Keycaps Material: PBT plastic
  • Keys Number: 144
  • Special Features: Backlit
  • Keycaps Layouts: MAC layout
  • Compatibility: 60/61/64/68/78/84/87/96/980/104/108 Keys

Benefit With Feature

  • XDA Profile keycaps

The XDA profile offers a uniform critical height, allowing for a more comfortable and natural typing position. The white color of the keycaps provides excellent visibility and contrast, making it easier to locate keys while typing. Made from durable PBT plastic material, these keycaps resist wear and fade, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • MAC Layout

 These White Keycap Set in MAC Layout is a stylish and functional option for those looking to upgrade their keyboard. These keycaps are explicitly designed for MAC layout keyboards, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility with your device.

  • Thick keycap Wall

The thick walls of these keycaps create a pleasing feel and sound when typing. The keycaps’ thickness adds weight and stability to each keystroke, making them ideal for gamers and writers. The SARDFXUL White Keycap Set, in addition to its durability, has a clean and minimalist style that matches any keyboard aesthetic.

Thumbs Up

  • High-quality PBT Plastic material
  • It comes with 144 keys
  • Four different languages (English, French, German, and Spanish)
  • Easy to install
  • Water and heatproof.

Thumbs Down

  • Can’t fit with Razer-/Logitech-/Corsair keyboards

Why Should You Buy It?

The XDA profile makes typing easy and comfortable so that you can hit the keys smoothly and without effort. These keycaps are made of high-quality PBT, which makes them strong and resistant to wear and tear. This means they will last for many years.

The MAC style layout is great for Mac users because it has command keys they are used to and stylish icons. The SARDFXUL White Keycap Set is the perfect choice if you’re a professional typist.

5. DROP DCX Black-on-White Keycap Set: Best For Gaming

DROP DCX Black-on-White Keycap Set, Doubleshot ABS

The DROP DCX Black-on-White Keycap Set is a high-quality keycap set that enhances your typing experience. Made from durable ABS plastic, these keycaps are built to withstand heavy use and provide a satisfying feel with each keystroke.

Technical Specifications

  • Keycaps Profile: DCX  Profile
  • Keycaps Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Keys Number: 150
  • Special Features: QMK programming, RGB LEDs
  • Keycaps Layouts: Qwerty layout
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and clones

Benefit With Feature

  • Doubleshot Legends

The keycaps are made using a doubleshot legends technique, which means that the legends on the keycaps are molded into plastic and will not fade or wear off over time. This ensures that your keycaps look crisp and clear, even after extended use. The black-on-white color scheme provides a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements any keyboard setup.

  • DCX Profile

Keycap Set in DCX Profile is a stylish and functional addition to any mechanical keyboard. The keycaps are made from high-quality ABS plastic, which ensures durability and long-lasting use. The DCX Profile provides a comfortable typing experience with its sculpted design and ergonomic shape.

Each keycap is designed to fit standard Cherry MX-style switches, making it compatible with a wide range of keyboards. Whether you’re a gamer, programmer, or just someone who appreciates high-quality keycaps, the DROP DCX Black-on-White Keycap Set is an excellent choice for customizing your keyboard.

  • Compatibility

These keycaps are designed to fit on Cherry MX stems and related clones, ensuring compatibility with various mechanical keyboards. The set offers extensive layout support, including compatibility with popular layouts such as HHKB, 60%, 65%, 75K TKL, WKL, Full-size, and 1800. With this keycap set, users can easily customize their keyboards to suit their preferred layout and aesthetic preferences.

Thumbs Up

  • High-quality ABS material
  • wireless and wired connectivity options
  • wireless and wired connectivity options
  • It comes With 150 keys
  • Qwerty layout

Thumbs Down

  • Some users may need to be more smooth.

Why Should You Buy It?

These keycaps are elegant and trendy, instantly improving your keyboard’s appearance. Black-on-white is classic and modern, giving it a versatile choice for any setup.

The high-quality double-shot ABS construction ensures durability and longevity so you can enjoy these keycaps for years. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a satisfying gaming experience with their smooth texture and ergonomic design.

6 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A White Keycap

Before buying white keycaps for your keyboard, there are a few essential factors that you should consider.

1. Compatibility

Check to see if the keycaps will work with your keyboard. Some keycaps are made to fit only certain keyboard types or models. Usually, you want to make sure of two things:

  • Does the keycap set work with the layout of your keyboard
  • Does your keyboard have standard-sized keycaps? and
  • Does the keycap set work with the style of switches, like Cherry-MX switches, which are the most famous?

Look closely at the layout pictures on the keycap sets you buy to ensure that your keyboard supports that layout and that the keycaps fit the switch style of your keyboard. In addition to the layout and switch, the keycap profile can also affect compatibility. For example, Cherry profile keycaps don’t work well with PCBs that face north.

2. Material

Keycaps are usually made of ABS, PBT, or metal, usually aluminum or brass. The most popular and cheapest keycaps are ABS, but they wear out faster than PBT.

Metal keycaps are more durable, but they may be more expensive. They are only used for one keycap, usually the Escape key, not the whole keyboard. PBT keycaps are known for being durable and not getting shiny. Still, because PBT is a more expensive material, it may also be more expensive. Compared to ABS, PBT keycaps tend to have a rougher feel.

3. Keycap profile

The form and height of keycaps are referred to as keycap profiles. OEM, Cherry, and DSA are the most prevalent keycap profiles. OEM keycaps, which have a contoured shape and a slightly curved surface, are the most popular. Cherry keycaps are comparable to OEM keycaps in shape but shorter and are generally considered the most pleasant.

DSA keycaps are flatter and more consistent in shape. Because Cherry profile keycaps have interference concerns with North Facing PCBs, the keycap profile can occasionally play a part in compatibility; therefore, take a thorough look at the keycaps your keyboard supports.

4. Keycap Legend

The letters or symbols printed on the keycaps are known as keycap legends. They can be laser-etched or printed on the keycaps. Some keycaps contain backlighting, which illuminates the legends in low-light situations.

Compared to laser-etched or printed legends, double-shot keycaps have molten plastic legends that last the longest. It is also common for dye-sublimation legends to last for a long time. They are, however, less reliable than double-shot legends.

5. Lighting

 If you have a backlit keyboard, think about keycaps that let the light show through. Some keycaps are translucent or feature transparent text that allows light to pass through. This might result in a distinct and eye-catching appearance that is ideal for gamers and enthusiasts.

6. Cost

Find out how much you can spend, and then look for keycaps that meet your needs within that price range. Keycaps from high-end names like GMK can cost hundreds of dollars and are usually made of ABS. PolyCaps keycaps, conversely, are made of PBT and cost a fraction of that.

Why should you get a new Keycap Set?

Most keyboards, except for highly expensive mechanical keyboards, come with very inexpensive and mass-produced keycaps that make the keyboard dull and bland.

The keycaps are what you’ll be staring at and typing on for the whole of your keyboard’s lifespan; therefore, shouldn’t they be one of the best aspects of the keyboard? 

Replacement keycaps are relatively inexpensive and can transform a $50 keyboard into a $150 one. There are several advantages to RGB lighting, including aesthetics, since you can choose the color and design of the keycaps. Additionally, the keycaps are more durable so that the legends won’t fade.

Furthermore, by personalizing the profile design, you will have a keycap set that is both pleasant and efficient to type on. Numerous sorts of keycap sets are available, so let’s review some of the main options and features.

How Do I Clean White Keycaps?

Keycaps can quickly become dirty by typing with oily hands or when eating food. Thus, they should be cleaned even if you intend to clean your keyboard partially. Here’s a quick guide to getting started.

What Do You Need?

  • Dish soap
  • warm water
  • Canned air
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Q-tips

Process To Clean White Keycaps

  • Unplug your keyboard before cleaning it; you don’t want to break it!
  • Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it vigorously to loosen any debris.
  • Begin removing keycaps with a keycap puller.
  • After you’ve removed the keycaps, flip the keyboard upside down and give it another thorough shaking. Do this outside to avoid transferring all of the dirt to your desk.
  • To clean your keycaps, soak them in warm soapy water and clean any dust or filth. Let them soak for 45 minutes after swishing them around for 5-10 minutes.
  • Blow some canned air into the board to eliminate any remaining lint or debris.
  • To remove any remaining dirt, rinse the keycaps with soapy water and wipe them down.
  • Let it air dry for at least 6 hours on a towel. You may destroy the switch if you dry them off with a towel and restore them to the keyboard.
  • Before reassembling, make sure everything is dry.


Do white keycaps turn yellow?

Yes. After being exposed to UV light for a long time, the bromine particles in the plastic inside started to become unstable, making the plastic look yellow.

Can I use white keycaps on any keyboard?

These white keycaps work with most key switches with a cross shape, like Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu switches.

What Are Pudding Keycaps?

Pudding keycaps are a type of keycap with two layers. Only the top of the cap is opaque, while the rest is see-through. Since RGB started to take over accessories in a big way, keyboard fans have become increasingly interested in this. The translucent body of pudding keycaps lets in more light, but the traditional top part keeps the keycaps easy to read.

Final Recommendation

Now I prefer suggesting my top-notch three products according to the most customer demand. SteelSeries PRISMCAPS White Keycaps Set is a good choice if you want a keycap for both gaming and typing purposes. Its PBT material will give a comfortable and smooth feel to each keystroke.

If you want a keycap for gaming purposes, you can choose the CORSAIR White Keycap Set. Its additional grip will boost your performance in the game.

Or, if you want a keycap only for typing, you can choose SARDFXUL XDA Profile White Keycap Set. Its XDA profile offers a uniform key height, allowing for a more comfortable and natural typing position.

Lastly, all the above products are the best with their unique working capability and features. However, my recommendations will help you to pick the suitable one by saving you valuable time. Consider my tips when choosing a before buying a white keycap.