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Backlit Keyboard HP Pavilion X360

The introduction of backlit keyboards for laptops radically altered the dynamics of computing, allowing people to work productively even after dark. Here, you may learn how to activate the backlit keyboard HP Pavilion x360.

Knowing how to activate keyboard illumination can come in handy when the sun goes dark but you still have a lot of work to complete.

How to Turn on Backlit Keyboard HP Pavilion x360?

HP has made it very simple to activate the illumination on their keyboards by simplifying the procedure. To turn the keyboard lights on and off on the vast majority of new HP laptops, you need to press only one key.

Step 01: Connect the charger to your computer and turn it on. If the laptop isn’t powered past a specific point when it’s disconnected from the charger.

Important Note:

  • The keyboard backlight on your computer might not turn on in certain circumstances. Simply connecting your computer to its power source will allow it to function normally again.

Step 02: Find the key labeled “Backlight” The key labeled “Backlight” is almost invariably the function key labeled “F5” which is located at the very top of your keyboard. This symbol looks like three dots stacked together.

Tap it. Then, the illumination on the keyboard ought to turn on. By tapping the same key again, you’ll be able to turn it off again.

Step 03: This will cycle between the various brightness settings on your keyboard. You should notice the lighting on the keyboard gradually fade and then gradually brighten as appropriate. After pressing the “Backlight” key, if you see no change, you should move on to the following step.

Step 04: Try pressing the “Backlight” key while simultaneously holding down the Fn key. The Fn key is located at the part of the keyboard that is to the left of the bottom row of keys.

Important Note:

  • If you were unsuccessful in turning on the backlight in the previous step, you may force your computer to utilize the key to adjust the level of brightness of the backlight. For this, hold down the Fn key while pushing the “Backlight” button.

Step 05: It is possible that you may need to go through all of the brightness selections by repeatedly pressing the “Backlight” key while pushing down the Fn button.

If you are unable to locate the backlight key in the area where it is typically found on the laptop, search the whole keyboard. There are a number of possible locations where it may be found.

  • Begin at the row labeled “function.” It’s possible that the key for the lighting is on F5, F4, or F11.
  • It is possible that you may need to disable the function lock in order to activate the backlight key on your device. If the function row is coupled with any additional system buttons (such as the volume or the pause button). To turn it off, simultaneously press the fn key and the fn lock key. The key for the fn lock often resembles a lock with the letter “fn” inside of it.
  • There is a possibility that the backlight key will be located in an area on the right side of the keypad on some laptops.

If you hit the backlight key and nothing happens, you need to examine the settings in the BIOS. It’s possible that you’ll need to switch to Action Keys Mode in order for the lighting to function:

  • Boot BIOS.
  • From the available options on the menu, choose either the BIOS Setup or the BIOS Setup Utility.
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to get to the “System Configuration” tab.
  • Change the mode of the selection to Action Keys.
  • You may enable Action Keys Mode by pressing the right or left arrow key on your keyboard.

Final Words

The fact that they work well even in dimly lit environments makes backlit keyboards a favorite among gamers.

Additionally, computer users like them for the practicality and style they provide to their workstations. It is possible that you would like to learn how to switch on or off the backlit keyboard HP Pavilion x360. You should be able to switch them on using the techniques presented here or resolve them if they are not functioning properly.