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Are Red Switches Good For Typing

You’ve probably heard of the Red Switches if you’re a mechanical keyboard user. Regarding gaming, red switches are frequently preferred due to their speed, accuracy, and responsiveness.

What about typing? Are red switches good for typing? The short answer is yes. Red switches are great for typing because they make it easy to press a key without much effort.

There are various factors to consider, including the sort of keyboard you’re using, the keyboard layout, how you type, and how much typing you do daily. Let’s learn everything you need to know about red switches and whether they’re helpful for typing.

Are Red Switches Good For Typing
Credit- Mattie K.B.

What is a Red Switch Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard, most typically used for gaming, can be outfitted with a red switch. Mechanical keyboards are pleasant and long-lasting, providing excellent performance when playing computer games.

Several mechanical keyboards are available, each with a valid color code to help you pick which is ideal. With that in mind, mechanical keyboard switches come in red, brown, and blue.

A red switch is linear and silent, with an actuation force of 45cN, the pressure required to record a keypress with your finger. In contrast, red switches are extremely light and easy to use, making them a popular choice among gamers.

Are Red Switches Good For Typing?

Yes, the Red switches would provide an excellent typing experience because they are exceedingly smooth, like butter, and require less force to activate. Red switches are linear mechanical switches that are silent when clicked, and the actuation is rapid and has a buttery smooth sensation.

Touch-typing with Red Switches lets you type quickly and feel the actuation point. You don’t have to bottom out each key in addition to that. As a result, one can hold over the keyboard and type with sufficient force.

Red Switches
Credit- Mattie K.B.

Are Cherry Mx Red Switches Good For Typing?

Cherry MX switches are also a good choice for typing and are the natural gold standard for mechanical keyboards. The Cherry MX Red switch is the most popular among typists and gamers, and it has a light touch, making it a suitable choice for typing and gaming.

They are suitable for office spaces and congested houses because they are quiet, particularly the silent model MX.

Are Gateron Red Switches Good For Typing?

Gateron Red Switches have a linear structure with an actuation force of 45g.

It’s popular due to the linear switch, which makes typing sound silent.

It has light, modest pressure and a long typing session without tiredness.

They are suitable for the majority of people and are ideal for a variety of settings.

What Are Red Switches Good For?

The red switches are all linear. They are primarily utilized as gaming switches and have a light deliberation that enables rapid actuation, which has proven popular in gaming keyboards.

They also have a tactile switch, which provides an additional tactile sensation when the key is pressed. Furthermore, they require less force to press the button downwards.

What to Look for in a Switch for Typing? 

What Should You Look for in a Typing Switch? 

There are various aspects to consider while selecting the best keyboard switch for typing, including:

Type of Actuation:

There are three types of switches: tactile, linear, or clicky. Tactile or clicky actuation is the finest for typing.

Actuation force:

Consider the force required to press the keys next. Switches are rated in grams (35g to 100g), with the best typing keys weighing between 40g and 50g.

Travel distance:

This is how long it takes to press a switch until it bottoms out, and 4.00mm is a standard distance for typing.

Noise Level

Finally, consider how noisy the changeover is, mainly if you work in an office.

Before purchasing the correct switch for your mechanical keyboard, consider the above variables to ensure you strike the right balance for its intended purpose.

Which is the Best Brand of Red Switch?

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, there are various brands to choose from, but Cherry MX is the best. This is owing to the high quality of the tactile switch and its suitability for gaming.

ZealPC Zilents and Topre are other companies to consider, which provide high-quality mechanical keyboard switches. Although most red switches are not noisy, the ZealPC Zilent red switch is virtually silent and is ideal if quietness is crucial to you.

Topre switches are your best bet if you’re used to membrane or rubber dome keyboards because they’re not too different and don’t need much modification.

Finally, whichever brand you choose, you can be confident that the three manufacturers mentioned above are all excellent options if you’re searching for red switches for your mechanical keyboard.

Are Red Switches or Brown Switches better for typing?

Brown and red Despite their differences in touch, which are brown for tactile and red for linear, switches are good for typing.

The Brown Switches have a little tactile bump on the keyboard that prevents mistakes and increases typing speed. This increases the satisfaction of the bump, making typing more comfortable.

The red switch, on the other hand, lacks tactile bumps and has a highly smooth touch.

Another distinction is the weight of the spring. When touched, Red Switches feature lighter switches, making it easier to register a keystroke, whereas Brown Switches are hefty with a standard range of resistance in springs.

Blue Switches VS Red Switches VS Brown Switches | Mechanical Keyboard Comparison


Which switch is best for typing?

Tactile switches are often seen to be the greatest choice for typing, and they are typically yellow, brown, or translucent in color. Tactile switches provide a pleasant sensation and touch while remaining quiet.

What Switches Do Typists Prefer?

It is preferable to use a tactile or clicky switch for typing rather than a linear switch. A tactile switch is preferable in the office since it produces less noise than a clicky switch. If you are in your own home, a clicky switch will also give the tactility.

Are Red Switches Loud?

No. Red switches are smooth and quiet. Most workplaces prefer red switches for typing.

Last Words

Red switches are an excellent option for fast and accurate typing. Though they are usually used in gaming, their light touch and ease of use make them ideal for typing.

However, keep in mind that the efficiency of the switches will be determined by various factors, including the keyboard layout, your typing habits, and how much typing you do regularly. Finally, deciding to use red switches for typing will be based on your preferences and requirements.