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Are Brown Switches Good For Typing?

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, there are a variety of switch options to choose from. One popular choice is the brown switch, but are brown switches good for typing? In short, yes. Brown switches are an excellent option for typists who want tactile feedback without the loud clicking sound of some other switches.

In this article, we’ll examine what makes brown switches unique and why they might be the perfect fit for your typing needs. We will discuss their actuation force, noise level, and overall feel so that you can determine whether they’re the right switch for you.

So if you’re curious about brown switches and want to know more about how they can enhance your typing experience, keep reading!

Brown Switches Good For Typing

What Are Brown Switches?

Brown switches have a tactile feel to them. They have a little bump on each keystroke, making them perfect for typing and programming but not gaming. Brown switches emit a modest level of noise.

Brown switches get their name from the color of their stems. The switch’s stem is the component that goes up and down with each keystroke. Brown switches, a mix between red and blue switches. When you achieve the actuation point (typically 45-50g), they can provide perceptible rough typing feedback, which can enhance typing accuracy.

Furthermore, they produce moderate noise, yet they are still enjoyable to type with. This makes it a good choice if you frequently use a mechanical keyboard for typing or gaming.

Why Are Brown Switches Good For?

The switch includes a slight tactile bump that makes it ideal for precise typing and programming, but there may be better options for gaming. If you require more tactile feedback, there are other tactile switches with a more significant bump, but the brown switch is an excellent choice to start if you’ve never used a mechanical switch before. The brown switch’s design makes it ideal for novices, but those who have used brown switches for a while may find them a little drab and uninteresting.

Are Brown Switches Good For Typing?

Yes, Brown switches are great in terms of typing experience. Indeed, the pleasing tactile feedback aids in the recognition of the push, resulting in higher precision.

Furthermore, the hump prevents you from bottoming out when you “smash” a key on the keyboard. Many newcomers frequently choose Red switches when purchasing switches, which often bottom out.

As a result, adopting Brown switches eliminates the risk of bottoming out. These switches are great for typing because they are pleasant, delicate, rapid, and smooth. Just before the key bottomed out, the user felt a tactile bump.

Are Brown Switches Good For Gaming?

When playing games, you want a switch that is easy to press and moves quickly. Because of this, it’s best to use a straight switch, like a red one.

If you try to press as many keys as possible quickly, also called “button-mashing”, the bump on the brown switch can get in the way. The brown switch can change how well you can hit the keys.

Because of this, brown switches are not good for games. If you’re not playing a competitive game, it will matter little what kind of switch you use. But in a game like Fortnite, where you need to build walls quickly and accurately, a dark switch can start to slow you down.

Are Brown Switches Good For Programming?

Brown switches are great for programming because the tactile bump makes it easier to avoid mistakes when entering private data that needs to be done correctly rather than quickly. So, programmers can speed up entering data and improve their job.

Also, Brown switches are a great choice if you work in a very stressful office requiring much focus. They don’t make too much noise, so you won’t have to worry about waking up your coworkers. But if you work in a quiet office, people will hear your Brown-switch keyboard.

Types Of Brown Switches For Mechanical Keyboard

Before we go into detail about each of the best Brown switches, let’s look at how they compare in the table below.

 TypeActuation ForceTotal Travel DistanceActuation DistanceNoise levelPrice for each
Brown Cherry MX SwitchesTactile55g4mm2mmModerate$1.03
Brown Gateron SwitchesTactile55g4mm2mmModerate$0.70
Optical Brown Gateron SwitchesTactile45g4mm2mmModerate$0.66
Brown Kailh Box SwitchesTactile50g4mm2mmModerate$0.53
Kailh Speed CopperTactile50g3.5mm2mmModerate$0.50
Brown Outemu SwitchesTactile55g4mm2mmModerate$0.49

Brown Cherry MX Switches

Cherry created the very first Brown switch. The Cherry MX Brown’s design inspired countless knockoffs and similar versions. Cherry MX Brown is built with excellent craftsmanship and quality. The Cherry MX Brown is constructed entirely of high-quality materials, including the housing and stems made of solid, thick plastic.

As a result, these switches have a lifetime of 100 million keystrokes. These tactile switches are most commonly found in high-priced prebuilt keyboards. Cherry MX Brown switches are usually available for under $1 per piece. It may not be easy to market in comparison to less-priced options.

Two Cherry MX Brown variants are available: one with a transparent top housing and a black bottom housing and the other with a brown stem and all-black housing colors.

Cherry MX Brown tactile switches beat other key switches in terms of ergonomics. When individuals become acquainted with tactile feedback, their typing performance significantly improves.

In terms of sound, the Cherry MX Brown has a moderate typing sound and a little gritty typing experience. Because they are not very responsive, they can help to prevent typing errors. This makes them an excellent choice for daily use and typing. After all, if you’re looking for super-durable switches and are willing to pay any price, Cherry MX Browns are an excellent choice.

Brown Gateron Switches

Gateron Brown switches are a type of tactile switch that is commonly featured in low-cost prebuilt keyboards such as Keychron keyboards. Despite being clone switches, Gateron switches are classed as mid-tier. While they are not the cheapest, they are significantly less expensive than Cherry MX.

Gateron Browns, like other brown switches, are quieter than blue clicky switches but louder than red linear switches that are silent. The Gateron Brown switch has a brown stem shape with a clear top housing and a bottom housing that is either black or cream.

Furthermore, these switches are smooth and light to use. The typing feedback generated is incredibly smooth yet slightly bumpy, making typing sound quite loud.

The Gateron Brown is efficient and valuable for gaming since it gives responsive clicks. The Gateron Browns feature good tactile feedback and are noise-free, making them ideal for office use.

Gateron Browns are not as durable as Cherry MX Browns, with a keystroke lifespan of 60 million. On the other hand, these switches can be used for an extended period before they wear out.

Finally, the Gateron Browns provide a fantastic experience when utilizing longer stretches, and they appear to be easily clickable, pleasant, have a lot of tactile input, and are not particularly loud. As a result, Gateron Browns are likely a cheap option with a high-quality switch.

Optical Brown Gateron Switches

Gateron’s Optical Brown switches, which use both mechanical motion and light, are another excellent tactile-made switch. This adds to the intrigue of these switches. This switch, as opposed to the usual mechanical switch, is actuated when the electrical plates contact.

Furthermore, because of their faster actuation, Gateron Optical Brown is an excellent “partner” for games that can help you improve your competitiveness in every gaming session. Indeed, you must have a lightning-fast reaction time, and those extra milliseconds could be critical.

Optical switches have a different sensation than mechanical switches, making them feel strange to operate. They typically have a hollow, phoney sense.

However, because fewer pieces are in contact with one another, they are more durable and can endure 100 million keystrokes. Some people may need clarification on the distinction between optical and mechanical switches.

Brown Kailh Box Switches

The most excellent option for custom keyboard fans in this list is the Kailh BOX Brown Switch. Kailh Box Brown switches, with their distinctive stem design, might be a fashionable choice for anyone who appreciates cool things.

Because the stem of these tactile Brown switches is fashioned like a box, there are no gaps for the dust to enter. This “box” also makes the keyboard more firm and less unstable when typing. The typing feedback provided by Kailh BOX Brown Switches is light, smooth, and bump-free, producing a very audible typing sound.

Shopee Kailh Box Brown Switches Shopee Kailh Box Brown Switches. When it comes to smoothness, when keys are lightly pressed, just a few switches exhibit little scratchiness, which is usual for on-center keypresses.

On the other hand, off-center key presses yield notably scratchier keystrokes, with most switches showing uniform degrees of scratchiness, especially when typing at average speeds.

In terms of appearance, these switches have a brown box-shaped stem, a cream-colored bottom housing, and a transparent top housing. These switches, however, are hardly tactile; they have a very thin tactile sense and feel like a light linear switch. Regardless, this improves gaming performance because they are consistent and fast, resulting in a good gaming experience.

After all, Kailh BOX Brown Switches are the switches to consider if you need a dust-proof and durable brown switch. Both Kailh Brown and Gateron Brown switches may be suitable for your keyboard.

Kailh Speed Copper

This choice will provide you with the quickest experience. Speed Copper is currently the market’s fastest and most responsive brown switch. Kailh Speed Copper is here to serve everyone looking for a dependable switch for gaming.

Kailh Speed Copper has a brown stem design with a black bottom housing and a transparent top housing. As previously stated, this switch is activated swiftly and with a small actuation distance.

Kailh Speed Copper’s haptic typing experience may be highly responsive and pleasurable for both gamers and typists. The resulting typing noise is rather loud, yet it does not bother you or anyone nearby. If you’re seeking the best brown switch for gaming, Kailh Speed Copper is the way to go.

Brown Outemu Switches

The Outemu Browns are one of the cheapest Brown switches on this list of the top Brown switches. It has a box shape with spaces on both sides and a brown stem. It also has a cream-colored bottom housing and a translucent top housing design.

The OUTEMU Brown Switch requires an actuation force of 59 and a travel distance of 4mm to work. This tactile switch standard is suitable for the majority of users because it is lightweight.

When typing, the feedback on the OUTEMU Brown Switch is rough but still relatively smooth. The following typing sound is both pleasing and quiet.

A minor drawback is that Outemu switches only make a rattling sound when typing. But you can’t complain too much if you’re looking for cheap brown switches.

Outemu may be less attractive than the other options, but you get what you pay for. Like Gateron switches, these switches have a keystroke lifespan of 50 million. Overall, the Outemu Brown Switch is one of the more economical brown switch options to consider.

Final Words

When it comes to typing on a mechanical keyboard, the switch you choose can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a tactile experience without the loud clicking sound of some switches, brown switches are an excellent option.

With their medium actuation force and quiet operation, they can provide a comfortable and efficient typing experience for hours on end. Whether you’re a professional writer or just someone who spends a lot of time typing, brown switches are worth considering.