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Are Blue Switches Good For Typing

As a typist, you know the importance of having a keyboard that delivers speed, accuracy, and comfort. One popular switch option for keyboards is the blue switch. But are blue switches good for typing?

In this blog post, we’ll look at blue switches and their characteristics to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your typing preferences. From their tactile feedback to their audible click sound, we’ll cover all the essential information you need before deciding. So, let’s go through the article for more details.

Blue Switches
Credit- Mattie K.B.

What Are Blue Switches?

Blue switches are typical mechanical keyboard switches found in computer keyboards. These switches are intended to provide tactile feedback when typing, so users will feel a bump when pressing a key. This feedback can benefit typists who prefer to feel the keys when ordering, resulting in a more satisfying typing experience.

Blue switches, in addition to providing tactile feedback, offer a distinct “click” sound when the key is pressed. This sound can help confirm that a key has been pressed but can also distract others in shared areas.

Blue switches are a type of Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switch brand. They usually take more force to activate than other switches, such as Red or Brown switches. This actuation force can prevent unintentional key presses for typists who tend to bottom out their keys when typing.

Overall, blue switches are popular for typists who want tactile feedback and enjoy the switch’s characteristic sound. However, it is crucial to note that the optimal form of typing switch relies on personal preferences and demands.

Are Blue Switches Good For Typing?

Many users, particularly those who want tactile input when typing, believe that blue switches are suitable for typing. Because Blue Switches provide tactile feedback, users can feel a bump when they push down on a key, increasing typing accuracy and minimizing the possibility of errors. This feedback can be beneficial for touch typists who rely on muscle memory to type swiftly and precisely.

Furthermore, the actuation force required to press down on a Blue switch can be advantageous for typing. Blue switches are often more challenging to activate than other switch kinds, such as Red or Brown switches. This actuation force can aid in the prevention of inadvertent key presses as well as the reduction of typos caused by pressing adjacent keys.

However, it is crucial to note that the loud sound created by Blue switches may only be ideal for some users, particularly those who operate in shared spaces. Blue switches’ characteristic “click” sound can annoy others and make working in a quiet atmosphere difficult.

Blue switches are popular among typists that like tactile feedback and don’t mind noise. However, the optimal sort of switch for typing depends on personal preferences and demands, so it’s critical to experiment with several switch types to find the one that works best for you.

Blue Switches
Credit- Mattie K.B.

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming?

Blue switches are okay for gaming but not ideal. Blue switches are sometimes the best when superior competition requires faster clicks. The switches have hefty springs (60cN for Cherry MX Blue), huge tactile bumps, and loud audible clicks to provide pleasant feedback when detecting a keystroke.

The physical bump with the audible clicky sounds on each click may be distracting, especially if you need to converse while playing. They require a clean and constant actuation when gaming; this helps to know when you are registered after you press them.

Are Cherry MX Blue Switches Good For Typing?

Yes, absolutely! Cherry MX Blue switches are primarily intended for typists and perform well when typing. They’ll be more tactile, responsive, and clicky to improve writing precision. The most important thing to remember while typing is to feel like you’ve pressed a key.

The blue switches provide an audible click sound that lets you distinguish when you’ve pushed a key. It has an advantage over silent keyboards, where you only sometimes know if a key has been pressed.

Are the Cherry MX Blue switches suitable for typing?

It may be a minor deal if you are a slow typer, but quick typists must maintain their momentum, and missing a key will surely break that.

Because of their excellent endurance, the Cherry MX Blue switches may outlive you. On average, they will withstand 50 million keystrokes, making them a perfect choice for heavy users.

You can experiment with different keycaps on your keyboard to make it as visually appealing as possible. Finally, the actuation force of these switches is 60 g, with an actuation distance of 2 mm, making it a rapid typing switch.

What Color Switch Is Best For Typing?

The Cherry MX brown color switch is the finest overall for writing. It’s a combination of blue and red switches. Brown switches offer a modest acoustic profile and a lighter tactile bump.

Some people will, understandably, dislike the blue switches due to their noise. Furthermore, you cannot use them in an office or anywhere others are present.

The Cherry Brown switches come into play here. They produce less noise and take less effort to press. These switches have an actuation force of around 45 g.

However, brown switches are still not linear. This implies they will create some noise, but less than clicky switches. However, even low-frequency sounds might annoy your coworkers. As a result, bear that in mind. Overall, brown switches are the greatest for typing, and you can count on them to last a long time.

Is It Better To Use Red Or Blue Switches When Typing?

Blue switches are superior to red switches for typing. This is because they provide more accuracy and a clicky noise that alerts you every time the key is pressed.

Red switches, on the other hand, are commonly used by gamers. They are not tactile or clicky but relatively linear switches. This means they are smooth and do not have a tactile bump. This means that they have a low sound profile as well.

Red switches are inaccurate for typists because of the lack of feedback when pressed. You can only sometimes tell whether or not you pressed the key. This problem is mitigated with blue switches, which produce a loud click.

Last Words

Selecting the greatest typing switch comes down to your needs and tastes. Blue switches are excellent for typing accuracy and quickness, but they may be too loud for others.

Red switches offer a quieter typing experience, whereas Brown switches provide good tactile feedback. Finally, the ideal typing switch is the one that works best for you.