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Apple Keyboard Keys Not Working After Cleaning

Regular cleaning is crucial for Apple’s keyboard’s proper functioning and tip-top condition. For unlucky persons, things can become vice-versa. A few users reported that Apple keyboard keys not working after cleaning. Stop panicking and check a few things first.

Checking the battery condition, Bluetooth connection, and resetting the keyboard settings are a few solutions. If these fixations don’t work, I suggest restarting your Mac and resetting the PLIST file to solve the issue. 

Apple Keyboard Keys Not Working

How to Fix Apple Keyboard Keys Not Working After Cleaning?

If you are annoyed and frustrated simultaneously when the Apple keyboard keys stop responding after cleaning, the below tips will help you sort out the issue.

1. Check Battery Condition

Consider checking the batteries of your Mac. But how to know if the batteries are properly charged? Follow the below steps.

Step 01: Locate the power button on the keyboard. Generally, you will find it on the right side.

Step 02: if the keyboard is in working condition, a green light must have appeared.

Step 03: In case the battery is dead, the green light will not be turned on.

So, remove the batteries and replace them. Now check whether the keyboard is working. You will find the batteries on the left side of the keyboard.

However, removing the batteries is impossible if you use an advanced Apple Magic Keyboard. In this case, the batteries need to be charged fully.

2. Check the Bluetooth Connection

The Apple keyboard keys not responding after cleaning relies on your Bluetooth connection. With Bluetooth, your keyboard must be working fine. To check whether the Bluetooth is working properly, follow the steps below.

Step 01: Visit the Apple menu on your Mac screen’s left side.

Step 02: Right-click “System Preferences.

Step 03: Check if the Bluetooth is active. If your keyboard is already paired with your Mac, it is listed under devices. Remove the paired keyboard.

Step 04: Then again, pair the Bluetooth keyboard with the Mac.

Step 05: Check if the keyboard is responding after completing the setup.

3. Reboot the Mac

Are you still facing trouble with your Mac Keyboard? Restart the Mac following the below steps. Does your Mac have multiple user accounts? Log into the account instead of your account and connect the keyboard.

Restarting or rebooting your Mac will fix any small errors. This way, you can understand if the problem lies with the account itself. Next, log out from this user account. After that, open your account and connect again whether your keyboard starts responding.

4. Resetting PLIST files

The other name of the PLIST file is the Settings file. It contains the preference data of a program or app on a Mac. While a program shows abnormal performance, look for corrupted or damaged PLIST files and reset them. You can even delete the related PLIST files for a not working Mac keyboard after cleaning.

Here are the steps to follow.

Step 01: Visit Open Finder

Step 02: Select “Go” from the “Finder” menu. Then click “Go to Folder”

Step 03: Type ~/Library/Preferences/ and click “Go”

Step 04: Find the below prompts

Then delete them. If you find other PLIST files related to the keyboard, delete those, also.

5. Remove Recently Installed 3rd party Apps

Have you installed third-party apps recently and found the Apple keys not working after cleaning?

A few 3rd party apps can conflict with your Mac. As a result, your Mac keyboard may stop working, or the Mac can crash.

Clear those 3rd party apps as soon as possible. Here are the steps.

Step 01: Open Finder. Then choose Applications.

Step 02: The applications need to be browsed. Locate the app that you have installed on your Mac recently.

Step 03: Hover your mouse on the application and right-click. Select Move to Trash.

Step 04: Your Mac may ask you to type the Admin Password. Provide it if required.

Step 05: Now right-click on the trash bin to empty the trash.

6. Check the Wire Connection

Do you have a wired Mac keyboard?

Then check the connection to the port. Maybe the wire is accidentally pulled when cleaning. Probably your pet pulled it off unwantedly. 

7. Try Another Port

This solution is also for the wired Apple keyboard.

Try another port if the keyboard is connected to one port and not working. Maybe the port is damaged, so the keyboard stopped working. So, connect it to another USB port and see if the keyboard responds.

Alternative Solutions

Apple Keyboard Keys Not Working

1. Buy a New Keyboard

So, none of those mentioned methods works for you? Then the problem surely lies with the keyboard itself.

Just to be sure, get another Mac keyboard. Connect it to your Mac. Is it working properly? If the answer is YES, your Mac keyboard might have been damaged, broken, or died.

Get a new keyboard from your nearest Apple store. This is the ultimate solution.

2. Reset SMC

System Management Controller can help you fix a lot of errors related to keyboard, mice, power, sensor, and light.

Resetting SMC is a common solution and might help you solve the keyboard problem. So, reset and check if your Mac keyboard works.

3. Update the macOS

An outdated macOS can cause issues with the peripherals of your Mac. The issue can easily be solved by updating the macOS.

First, you have to check if the Mac requires an update. To do this:

  1. Visit System Preferences and left-click on Software Update.
  2. If an update is needed, consider updating the macOS promptly.
  3. Once the update is finished, check if the keyboard starts performing again.

Wrapping Up

Typing issues on your Mac are common but frustrating at the same time when the Apple keyboard keys are not working after cleaning.

You cleaned the keyboard expecting it would respond faster but ended up with a not performing keyboard.

Follow the above troubleshooting methods; hopefully, these will help you solve the problem. In most cases, changing the battery, restarting the Mac, or checking the Bluetooth connection works. But if nothing works, you are unlucky and consider investing in a new Mac keyboard.