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Acer Swift 3 Keyboard Backlight Settings – Adjust Your Backlight

Recent studies discovered that the unadjusted backlight of a laptop keyboard can cause severe damage to the eyes. Therefore, it has become vital to adjust it. And in Acer Swift 3, it is not a difficult task to perform.

There is a shortcut to perform the task, and you can do it easily from your keyboard. There is a button on the left side of the Acer Swift 3 keyboard, which is FN. Press that button, hold, and simultaneously press F9. Your keyboard light will be off or on just after pressing that.

Let’s discuss the whole details of the Acer Swift 3 keyboard backlight settings, including timeout, so that you do not have to find difficulties during low light conditions.

Acer Swift 3 Keyboard Backlight Settings – How Do You Adjust Your Acer Keyboard Light

From the above, we just came to know about turning off or on the backlights. There is another way to perform this act which is from the control panel. But what is new is you can also adjust the timing of the keyboard light to save your battery life.

Acer Swift 3, Steps To Adjust Timeout Changes Keyboard Backlight Setting

Acer Swift 3, Steps To Adjust Timeout Changes Keyboard Backlight Setting

Till now, we came to know that keyboard backlight is important. And if you are using a laptop without a keyboard backlight, you profoundly know the vitality. However, follow the steps below to adjust or change keyboard backlight settings.

  1. Firstly, turn on the computer and go to the window sign or the start menu. The control panel will appear on the screen. Click on the search box and type recovery.
  2. The second step is to type ‘Recovery’ and click on it. Then press ‘Restart now,’ which is in the section named ‘Advanced start-up.’ Your Acer Swift 3 will restart within a while, and advanced options will be on the screen.
  3. From a pool of options, select ‘UEFI Firmware Settings’ and again restart the laptop. After restarting the computer again, you will see all the information and options on the screen.
  4. By using the keyboard, go to the ‘Main’ by pressing the right arrow of the keyboard. You will see a new menu on the screen. Now, look down, and you will see Keyboard Backlight Timeout. Use the down arrow to go down and when the point is on the keyboard, backlight timeout, press the enter button and choose to enable or disable.
  5. Press the right arrow button and go to the exit option. There you will find ‘Exit Saving Changes.’ Press enter, and your computer will restart. After that, your laptop’s keyboard will be permanently changed.

If you enable the timeout, the backlight will blow off after not using it for a while and wait for any action to blow up again. If you choose to disable it, your keyboard backlight will be turned on until you shut down the laptop.

Reasons To Use Adjustment Of Keyboard Light Setting

Let’s be precise: Any kind of light from an Acer Swift 3 will take charge to blow. Therefore, the apparent reason for adjusting the keyboard or any other light is to save the battery.

When To Disable Keyboard Light

The laptop is a professional gadget, and officials are comfortable with it, undoubtedly. When you are in an office where you have plenty of lighting facilities, the keyboard light, along with the screen light, will be nothing but a distraction. So, the suggestion is to disable the keyboard light while using it in high or medium light conditions.

Another prime reason to turn the keyboard light off is the battery health. Keyboard lights in Acer Swift 3 drain the battery profoundly. If you disable the lights, you can use the laptop for an extra 20 to 30 mins on battery.

When To Enable Keyboard Light

Our eyes are severely vulnerable organs. These are also immensely responsive parts of our body. Each time the light conditions and our vision change, the eyeballs set a new curriculum according to the surroundings.

In low light conditions, your eyes will adjust each time you change your vision. When you look at the screen, the eyes will have a specific eyeball setting. And when you look at the dark keyboard, your eyes will adjust to an entirely different curriculum.

The changes in visionary properties within a short while can damage the eyes. You may also notice that while working in low light or zero light conditions, it takes time to see the alphabet on the keyboard.

To avoid such eye damage, you must enable the keyboard backlight for better vision and ease.



Does Acer Swift 3 have a backlit keyboard?

Answer: Yes, Acer Swift 3 has the fantastic features of a keyboard backlight. It reduces the stress on the eyes while working in low-light conditions.
In addition, you can turn on or off the backlight according to your desire and needs. There is an option that will also help you to turn the keyboard light on permanently, and you will find it in the BIOS setting.

How do I turn on the backlit keyboard on my Acer Swift 3?

Answer: The Acer Swift 3 is widely known for its performance and keyboard backlight system. If you want to turn the keyboard backlight off or on, press the FN button, hold, and click the F9. The keyboard light will turn on or off at once.

How do I adjust the backlit keyboard on my Acer?

Answer: Adjusting the keyboard backlight settings requires two steps to turn on and off. The steps are the same for doing both. First, press the FN button, hold, and press F9. It will either turn on the keyboard light or turn the lights off.


In the ending part, we firmly believe that Acer Swift 3 keyboard backlight settings are mandatory if you use it. The function of turning on and off the backlight is not a difficult task to perform.

You can change the light conditions according to your desire and needs anytime. Moreover, it is rigidly suggested to use this feature to keep your eyes and vision healthy.